A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education  — What Makes It Unique


Manual One — Teacher’s Guide

Manual 1 is the Teacher’s Guide and helps you start the Pre-school right from the beginning. It also includes a few lessons.

Some topics covered in the Teacher’s Guide:

  • Teachers that God can use.
  • How your worldview as a teacher influences the children in your care.
  • Developmental stages of young children.
  • The capacity of children to know God.
  • Foundational keys for teaching children.
  • Teaching biblical principles: Bible, Prayer, Practical Application, and Creation lessons.
  • Scheduling tips.
  • A detailed photo-journey through a U of N Preschool day.
  • Classroom management and effective discipline.
  • Preparing an appealing learning environment.


Manual 2 — Knowing God Our Father

Some Units in Manual Two: 12 Units

  • “I’m Glad You’re Here and God Our Father Is Glad You’re Here!” (This greeting for every child, every day, is the foundation for all that takes place the rest of the day).
  • God Is Our Father, We Are His Children, And He Loves Us All The Same.
  • God Our Father Knows What’s Best For Us.
  • God Our Father Wants Us To Obey Him.
  • God Our Father Understands Our Feelings Because He Has Feelings Too.
  • God Our Father Is Good.
  • God Our Father Can Always Be Trusted.


Manual 3 — Knowing Jesus, God With Us

Some Units in Manual Three: 20 Units 

  • God Our Father Has Plans For People.
  • God Our Father Works To Fulfill His Plans For People.
  • Jesus Came Into The World As A Little Baby To Fulfil God’s Plan For People.
  • God Our Father Is With Us Wherever He Sends Us.
  • God Our Father Wants Us To Grow Like Jesus Grew.
  • Jesus Knows All About Us.
  • We Are To Be Thankful Just As Jesus Was Thankful.
  • Jesus Is Always Praying For Us.


Manual 4 — Knowing Jesus, Because Of The Holy Spirit

Some Units in Manual Four: 10 Units 

  • Jesus Sends The Holy Spirit As He Promised.
  • God Our Father Wants Us To Tell Others About Jesus.
  • God Our Father Loves Us All The Same.
  • God Our Father Gives Us Peace.
  • God Our Father Will Help Us Know How We Can Help Others.


Manual 5 —  Training In Righteousness 

A Biblical Discipline  Manual For Addressing Children’s Conflicts – A Resource for Teachers. 

Some Topics Covered in Manual 5: 13 Topics

  • God’s Standard Of Discipline.
  • Stories From Real Life.
  • Disobedience/Obedience.
  • Foolishness/Wisdom.
  • Hitting/Self-Control.
  • Me First/You First.
  • Unkind Words/Kind Words.