Our Aim

Our aim is to help believers in Jesus start preschools for children ages 3-6 throughout Eastern Europe. Preschools can be started in your church, your home or your neighborhood. Your program can be very flexible and adapt it to the needs of the families you serve.

Our Curriculum

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education, created to speak to the heart of a young child, was first published by YWAM’s University of the Nations. 

  • Nurture a young child’s relationship with God
  • Instill biblical values deeply into a child’s heart
  •  Build an understanding of biblical truth using many illustrations from God’s Word
  • Create an environment where children are loved and valued

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education is easy to use. There are clear instructions, and teachers can adapt it to their own classroom and culture. It has been used in preschools, home schools, and Sunday schools. It’s been used by teachers from many nations in classrooms around the world.

Our Services

Contact us for ideas on how to start your own pre-school, how to operate it and how to purchase your own copy of the curriculum in the Russian language.

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education

Developed by the University of the Nations, is a tool designed for those who believe children can know God and who want to lead them into a meaningful relationship with Him.

We offer an easy-to-navigate curriculum, that can be used in creative ways. We also offer networking and training for teachers who want to grow in their skills of teaching children.

The Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education has been used to start over 2000 preschools around the world on almost every continent.
Maybe your church would like to start its own preschool?

“We have been using this curriculum for over 12 years now and am so thankful to have material that is based on godly principles and values.” Kyiv, Ukraine 2011.

Start your own
Starting your own preschool is not as difficult as you think. You need the right tools, the right people and a deep desire to invest in this next generation of world-changers.